Desk jobs and little exercise are not good for the mind, body or soul. Another side-effect is that being bent over a desk for the majority of the day places parts of the skeleton, joints and muscles under pressure.

The side-effects of being slumped over a desk for 6 to 7 hours a day

Many people who work at a desk for long periods of time will notice a few problems, characteristic of this sitting position:

• A stiff neck, although many people talk about a painful neck too; this can be on a frequent basis and the pain can be debilitating
• Shoulders can become sore and, in some cases, people report a numbness or tingling
• Lower back pain is common
• Many desk workers complain of aching hips on an occasional basis
• Sore wrists can be a common occurrence for some people, sometimes developing into Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
• Trapped nerves in necks and shoulders can mean frequent headaches, developing into debilitating migraines in some cases

All of these symptoms and issues make for a team that may not function to the best of their ability; productivity may fall, and absenteeism increase. 

The solutions

Many people find that as soon as they leave their desk and start moving their body again that these symptoms disappear for the evening… returning when they sit at their desk the next day. Some divulge in a glass of wine of an evening to help with the aching joints, and people find that they need over-the-counter painkilling medicine. 

But, these are quick ‘fixes’ that to all intents and purposes are not actually ‘fixing’ the problem; they are simply masking it. The long term solution lays in two things:
a) Desk massage – given by a professional, at your desk on a regular basis
b) Ergonomic work stations – designed to suit individuals precisely and accurately

Massage – not something new

We sometimes find it difficult to accept therapies that some people see as ‘alternative’ or ‘new age’. And yet massage, as a therapy and an accepted part of medicine has been around for a long time; A very long time, in fact.

Ancient Greeks and Egyptians had long been harnessing the power of touch and pressure as a way of relieving a huge number of illnesses and symptoms in the body; other cultures and civilisations have used it for a long time as part of the diagnostic and healing processes. With such a proven skill and art, why not invest in desk massage for your employees?

The benefits of desk massage

Completed in around 10 to 15 minutes, employees are massaged at their desk and over their clothes; there is nothing to be embarrassed about and the effects are immediate. But, these good effects go on to last for a lot longer! 

There are many benefits to regular desk massage and they last for a long time…
• An immediate reduction in pain, something that many employees will welcome! Massage works to unknot the knots that develop in muscles due to tension or holding the body in a certain way for a long time

• Movement and mobility are also increased and again, this is something that is welcome for many employees; being able to stretch back and forth, unhindered and pain-free is essential for anyone

• Poor posture can also lead to aches and pains and the relief that desk massage can bring will mean that muscles are free to move and sit easier within the body. Invariably, desk massage improves posture.

• Blood flow is also increased after a desk massage, meaning that muscle groups work more efficiently

• Stress can build up in the body, creating unpleasant tension – desk massage instantly relieves this stress

• Focus and concentration is improved, simply because we are not fighting the effects of poor posture, knotted shoulders and a stiff neck!

• Regular desk massage can also mean that future pain can be avoided…

Desk massage is an investment that is worthwhile; it can pay dividends with a happier workforce who are more productive!